I’m currently working on a pet project I call Night Camera iOS App. It aims at making it possible to shoot photos of appropriate quality in low light conditions. My use case is taking a photo of my sleeping kids. They are so cute when asleep but don’t like it when I use a flashlight on my phone.

Right now I managed to implement a great Intro to Python Image Processing in Computational Photography. It’s about enhancing a series of still dark images in Python using OpenCV. What I did is put that idea into an iOS app, getting the images in realtime using the videocamera. The implementation is in C++, hosted as a repo on Gitlab.

I’ll write a detailed post about the first version in a separate post. Now to results. They aren’t quite exciting now. To put it short:

Fig 1. Single camera shot with increased brightness and contrast
Fig 2. The output of the image processing
Fig 3. Stock camera results

The difference is largely due to the fact I used medium quality of the images from the videocamera. High-resolution images are very large and are processed quite slowly.

Next I’d like to try: