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Lead iOS Developer | Product Manager

I’m an iOS developer with over 11 years of experience, product manager and entrepreneur. Built several products and three development teams. Taught people programming both offline at the university and online in the iOS course.

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Lead iOS Developer


As a direct manager of the iOS team I’m responsible for conducting 1x1s, annual performance reviews, closing probation periods, collecting feedback, working with conflicts, objections, and employee retention.

As a developer at the core team I’m responsible for developing new features and fixing bugs at all tiers of the app: from UI level to hard-to-reproduce multithreading issues.

Previously worked at the Transfers team as a developer. Developed several features including transfers between own accounts, transfers to individuals at other banks.




Developed and launched an MVP with payments through bank acquiring.

Launched a web site for landings and content. Improved the conversion rate of the landing page from 10% to 29% by means of user interviews and A/B tests.

Conducted 30 user interviews and discovered the need for the mobile apps. I’m developing the apps on Flutter now.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails for API and user settings page, Ember.js with TypeScript for web apps, WordPress for the information site.

Технологический стек: Ruby On Rails для API и разделов пользователя, Ember.js с TypeScript для веб-приложения, WordPress для информационного сайта.


ML Developer


Worked on weather scenario in Yandex’s voice assistance Alisa and on improving predictions of precipitation by satellites imagery.


Project Manager


Worked as both the only iOS developer and the project manager for the Yandex.Trains iOS and Android apps.

Set up regular releases every 2 weeks.

Set tasks for developers and designers. Estimated these tasks together with the team. Managed the backlog.

  • Communicated with external teams on a regular basis, among which are support, editorial and translation teams.
  • Came up with a number of improvements to the apps, conveyed their value to the stakeholders and made sure to implement them. These led to increase in the app ratings.

Managed the team of 3 people:

  • 1 Android developer.
  • 1 QA engineer.
  • 1 iOS intern developer.

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iOS developer


  • Improved Yandex.Trains app’s rating from 1 to 4.9 stars.
  • Conducted over 50 technical interviews.
  • Managed 3 interns on the project, 2 of whom stayed to work in the company.
  • Recorded a part of the iOS course on views (Russian only):

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Head of eCommerce


Annual 20% increase in income. Worked with the marketing team, managed the call center and content team.

Developed and launched an iOS app for the company’s loyalty program.

Managed a team of 5 people:

  • 2 call center operators
  • 1 photographer
  • 1 content editor
  • 1 developer




Launched the project: from idea, choosing the market niche, to launching an MVP, marketing through forums and SEO.

The web-service allowed users to access practice questions from the certifications in 1C (an ERP system). It collected the questions from the official CD-disks of the company, and provided access to all of them online without the hassle with the CDs. It allowed to track the user’s progress and plan their practice path.

The web service was free of charge, but the users could make a donation. It also required the user to have a valid 1C service subscription due to the terms and conditions of the source CDs.

Technologies used: Yii2 (PHP), jQuery. Analytics: Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics.

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Head of projects development division


  • Developed technical specifications and calculations for the new projects.
  • Extracted common elements of the websites into modules to reuse in products thus reducing time needed to build things like news, contacts page, etc by 60% (from about 6 to 2 hours) and also almost eliminating errors.
  • Integrated a CVS system (git) into development process to improve code quality by means of code review, cut time for deployment, solve any problems with unexpected code changes on production systems.
  • Integrated a wiki system into corporate workflow to share knowledge among team members.
  • Developed QA-criteria and semi-automated final testing process.
  • Worked as a trainer with developers in such areas like networks (DNS and routing basics), CVS, code design.

Managed a team of 5 people:

  • 3 developers
  • 2 designers


Senior Developer


Reduced time of exchanges between central and peripheral 1C ERP bases (50+ local stores) from ~6 to less than 1 hour, thus allowing to start several new business processes.

Implemented lots of features in the 1C ERP system thus:

  • reduced time for serving each client at the stores by automating some sellers actions (a sellers virtual workplace),
  • improved work of the corporate information service by building a convenient and informative virtual workplace,
  • improved sellers motivation by implementing a KPI system for sellers (indicators: income, average check sum, average check positions count),
  • overall performance increase.


Head of Support Department

First BIT

Turned long-term unsatisfied clients into loyal paying ones.

Conducted over 30 interviews. Insisted on getting a talented student on board, he is a Head of Sales Department of the company now.

Managed a team of 6 people, all of whom were 1C specialists doing setup and configuration of the program.


Economist, The


Developed a business plan for a new production department. Set up managerial accounting for that production in 1C.


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